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November 2013: 
Solo Exhibition - Middle Axis

An emerging voice in paintings and experimental poems


Middle Axis exhibition at the cornerHOUSE in Surbiton. The Gala Night saw good turnout and interesting conversations. Many visitors were touched by the emotional impact of the poetry and paintings.



September 2011: 
The Clown's Nose

Exhibition of words, illustrations and paintings

cornerHouse, Tolworth


January 2012: 
Solo Exhibition

St. Ann's Gallery, St. Ann's RC Church, Kingston upon Thames


1997 - 2010 
Various group and solo exhibitions

Exhbited oil pastel and ball point paintings in Melbourne (Australia), Bremen (Germany), and London



March-April 2014: 
Group Exhibition


At Court Farm Cafe Art Gallery, Court Farm Garden Centre, Tolworth.


May-June 2014: 
Group Exhibition


At C2Offee Cafe in Norbiton


March 2015: 
Body in Times


Solo exhibition at the cornerHouse, Surbiton.


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