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Katrin Feldhus - artist

in the pipeline Drama Project: sHape uP!

In December we started working on a studio play to be performed at the cornerHouse, Tolworth. The script is an experimental piece for a 360 degree studio performances and will involve the audience while challenging their perception. This one-acts play includes music written for the play during rehearsals. Watch this space for more info, or email Katrin via the contact form (see contact tab).

Past events...
17th March 2015 Kingston Arts Event - Mindfulness

On Sunday 17th March Kingston Arts hosted a mindfulness event at Surrey House, Kingston. The event offered  activities, stalls and talks around physical and mental well being. Katrin will talk about her latest visual arts and drama projects. 

17th March 2015 - 10:30 - 16:30, Surrey House, 3rd Floor, 34 Eden Street, KT1 1ER (opposite Maplins)


March 2015 Body in Times

Katrin's second exhibition at the cornerHOUSE in Surbiton addressed the effects of mental healh on people's self-perception and ability to deal with emotions. The exhibition innitiated converstations about the relation between art and mental health during the Gala night on 17th March among visitors. The selection of work focussed on the self-perception of the body and how this is reflected in body shapes and colours in Katrin's artwork.

22 September Surbo

The Surbiton Arts Festival is showing the short play The Visit by Graham Large (directed by Katrin Feldhus) as part of SurboActs, an evening showcasing 5 shortplays open air. First performed at the oneActs Festival in May 2014 at the cornerHOUSE, Tolworth, the play has gone 'on Tour' to represent the cornerHOUSE at local arts festivals.

Monday evening at the Grove Pub on Maple Road - come along!

30 Aug 2014 Arts in the Park

The Open Air Kingston Arts Festival is showing the short play The Visit by Graham Large (directed by Katrin Feldhus). Saturday afternoon at Fairfield - come along!

June 2014 New Art Cafe in Norbiton

The Norbition Cafe on 57 Coombe Road relaunched on Saturday under the name "Coffee Square". With a broad selection of contemporary art, health smoothies, baked treats and delicatesses it attracts art and food lovers alike. Pop in for a coffee and cake, a beer or English breakfast and absorb the creative vibes. You might spot some of my work there, too.

21 Nov 13 Middle Axis Private View

On 19th November the Gala Night for the Middle Axis exhibition took place at the cornerHOUSE in Surbiton. It was a great evening with good turnout and fruitful conversations. Many visitors were touched by the emotional impact of the poetry and paintings.

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